The SENTINEL™ solution

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You need to manage training records for 5 staff members or 5,000 workers, even if each individual has 30 different training requirements and all of them will expire or require renewals on different dates.

Are you sure of efficient and accurate tracking?



Your client requires a welder of specific competencies, and the person whom you had recommended is now unavailable. You can commence a search immediately for another person in your organisation who fits that specific requirement by the client. You will even know where that person is currently assigned to.


Asset Management

Under your charge, you have 2,000 vehicles that require insurance, road tax, 3-monthly maintenance and 6-monthly inspections. All these are of different validity dates.

You have almost 10,000 pieces of chain blocks, lever blocks, shackles, wire ropes, etc. All these equipment require annual inspections and are located throughout your 30 worksites. You must also keep accurate records of pumps, motors, agitators, valves and other equipment on site, as well as keep track of their maintenance schedules.

Can you ensure accurate track of everything?



As a business owner, you want to know what important issues are on all your worksites. Instead of relying on project managers to keep you updated, you can literally see the issues on your worksites. Get a good overview of how many hazard reports are generated. Or how many deviations, and how many accidents are there? Which of the contractors are contributing to these issues?


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