The SENTINEL™ solution

Organise the Routine, Safeguard for Tomorrow

Online Central Database

Online central database allows authorised users to work from any location in the world. No need for hardware and software, and in case of emergencies- companies will remain operational.

Accessible Search/Enquiry

Authorised users can search for the relevant information. Users who possess appropriate access privileges can make changes to the records. Your immediate Virtual Platform Network.

Work Pass/Passport Management

Keeps accurate track of the expiry date of EVERY employee’s Work Pass and Passport. Alerts the HR user in advance if any document is due to expire. Reports can be generated consistently and printed.

Training Management

It tracks EVERY training course that EVERY employee has attended. Critical information such as the “Completion Date” and the “Expiry Date” are indicated. Alerts the HR or Site staff in advance that worker training will expire. Reports are easily generated  and printed.

Resource Management

Detailed information about workers, inventory and worksites are accessible from anywhere. Project Managers will know where a worker is deployed at, which courses he has completed, and what PPE is issued.

Asset Management

It tracks EVERY equipment, tool, machinery, appliance that you have. Critical information such as the Certification Renewal Dates and Maintenance Dates are indicated. Alerts the Store Manager or Site staff in advance that equipment certifications are expiring. Reports are easily generated  and printed.


Routine reports can be easily generated at a mouse click. Examples are inventory re-stocking reports, mandatory training reports as well as re-training reports.

Hazard Reporting

Reduce the likelihood of serious incidents and injuries or safety issues on one or many different sites. Summarise reports and identify critical issues that are happening at a specific work location.

Incident Reporting

Standard Report form to gather information on incidents that have occured. Report searching and sorting. Downloadable as MS-Excel files.  Includes incident summary report.

Hazardous Material Management

Locate, deploy and track movement and usage of hazardous material. Critical information extracted from the MSDS will enable users to identify key information, procedures and precautions.

Permit-to-Work Record

Keeps track of all work activities at a specific work location. Different personnel working on different work shifts receive accurate and timely information on the various types of work in progress.


Users can generate coloured graphs and charts upon demand whenever necessary. Charts and Tables are printed in consistent formats and can be exported for added convenience.

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